Richard Brydson Accredited Family Mediator and Divorce Coach

About Aligned Choices

My role as a family mediator is assisting couples to formalize the end of their relationship without the need for financially and emotionally costly court proceedings. 

During my professional career, I have specialized in assisting adults during life transitions with intuitive emotional support as they pass through periods of acute stress, prolonged grief, and losses of positive personal identity.

People tend to see me as patient, intuitive, and unburdened by strong emotions. I take great care in helping my clients clear the unknown ahead of them, as well as recover their sense of safety and peace of mind. 


You can start the family mediation process even if you have not yet spoken with a family lawyer.

Two co-parents who have moved through the impasses in their relationship are sharing a dance in the living room with their daughter.

I have witnessed how mediation has helped many families endure the hardships of family separation and walk away with a clear understanding of their newly formed co-parenting relationship.

The foundation of my approach as a Family Mediator and Divorce Coach is a natural outgrowth of the reflexive practices and strategies I developed and used extensively during my work in healthcare prior to becoming a mediator. 

I have always had a strong intention to promote aspects of justice and treatment of others that are in line with their needs. For the past 8 years, I have specialized in working with adults experiencing irreversible life changes, and have an extensive background in supporting people who have suffered prolonged grief in ways that promote renewal and peace of mind.

I can be your guide through the uncertainty you are experiencing and want to be the first one to witness the positive turnaround for you and your family.

Richard is a calm and empathetic mediator. He is truly able to see many perspectives and bring multiple sides closer in an efficient and respectful way. Highly recommended!


Richard is a good listener. He’s also thoughtful, insightful, level-headed, warm, fair, and compassionate – all qualities useful in tending to people in times of difficulty. The bonus is his sense of humor. Richard can see the lighter side of most situations, even tough ones, and that’s a gift.


Richard Brydson’s mediation skills are second to none. His understanding and empathy were immensely reassuring. I highly recommend him.


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I value honest and direct communication which takes effort and can be hard to make the first attempt. Find the clarity on whether mediation can help you move forward during our first conversation.

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