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I can be your guide through the uncertainty you are experiencing and want to be the first one to witness the positive turnaround for you and your family.

People tend to see me as patient, intuitive, and unburdened by strong emotions. I take great care in helping my clients clear the unknown ahead of them, as well as recover their sense of safety and peace of mind.
Picture of Richard Brydson Accredited Family Mediator and Divorce Coach

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A Message to Anyone Dealing with Conflict

There is no right or wrong way to think or feel while communicating with your spouse.  Exploring your future plans and concerns with the other person in the mediation room after years of misunderstanding and lack of support may sound like an overwhelming...

Redefining “Letting Go”

The following practice of “letting go” has been a central product of my reflexive work and has led to much healing and personal and professional growth. Several shifts in perception had to take place in me for this to happen, the most important of which are as...

People going through separation often feel overwhelmed at times and have many questions. Here are some answers to get you started…

Is it normal to feel anxious when considering mediation?

This anxiety is coming up because you have reached the point where you know you need to start talking about the difficulties your family is experiencing. This and the unknown of what happens after you start sharing your story make it an understandably challenging place to be in. Let me provide you with some assurance.

Mediation is less expensive, more efficient, and less contentious than our court system. More importantly though, mediation keeps you focused on positive end results, particularly, where your children are concerned.

I will help you plan and understand your new roles as co-parents and will work in concert with other experts, such as child and financial specialists, appraisers, and valuators.

I will work hard to ensure that both of you get continual and relevant guidance. Helping you and your spouse find peace of mind and security for your family is my sincere commitment.

I work long hours, can you still help?

I offer regular business hours that extend from 10am to 8pm Monday through Friday, and I am available over the weekend from noon to 5pm. 

If these times do not fit with your availability, I will consider your special circumstances and do my best to be available when you are.

I don't live in Toronto, can I still use Aligned Choices?

With services being offered remotely, not living in Toronto is not the barrier it once was.

As long as you have access to a private space for our conversation and a stable internet connection, we could get you started on the road to resolving conflicts and finding a lasting peace of min.

How do I pay?

There are two ways to pay:

  1. On the homepage, you will find three payment plan boxes: Plan A, B, and C.  Within each box, you can use the corresponding Add to cart button to proceed to payment using major credit cards.
  2. I could help you complete a credit-card transaction over the phone.

Is there funding available to cover fees?

Reduced rate services are available at Aligned Choices for those who qualify for legal aid. The details on how to qualify for these services can be found on the JusticeNet.ca website.  

If your combined annual family income is greater than $59,000 I won’t automatically disqualify you for receiving a reduction, determined by a balance between your budgetary needs and my ability to administer the level of services required at a lower rate.