During their separation mediation session, the two spouses collaborate on finding workable solutions for their family and see what it feels like to be co-parents for the first time.

What is Family Mediation?

As a mediator, I will help you plan and understand your new roles as co-parents and will work in concert with other experts, such as child and financial specialists, appraisers, and valuators.

I will work hard to ensure that both of you get continual and relevant guidance. I’m committed to helping you and your spouse find peace of mind and security for your family.

If you’re reading this page, chances are that someone – maybe your lawyer, friend, or family member – has recommended mediation to guide you through this difficult transition. 


In my mediation sessions I will seek to balance needs for independent expression and a safe space. I accomplish this by receiving what each participant cares about without judgement and by normalizing emotional statements into relatable requests for change.

You can start the family mediation process even if you have not yet spoken with a family lawyer.

Family mediator at Aligned Choice offers his compassion to comfort a client who is crying, her spouse is close by and looks at her with care.

It can be challenging to ask for help, but few people are well prepared to deal with relationship breakdown

During a brief call, we can speak about your current situation and your goals to determine if mediation will help you and your spouse reach an agreement outside of court. 

Rather than wait for a judge to review the facts of your case and reach a final decision for you, mediation empowers couples to reach a mutually beneficial agreement on their own terms.

Coaching Services for Conflict Management in Toronto

Aligned Choices offers mediation participants a chance to have one-on-one sessions to learn conflict management skills that will help them turn conflict into meaningful and productive conversations.

We all have to deal with conflict in life, and coaching sessions with a family mediator can lead to less stressful disagreements.

If you are struggling with defining boundaries in a way that preserves the bonds with those you care about, or if you tend to avoid conflict at all costs, or seek to control the outcomes and want to take the lead in making a change, then you will greatly benefit from conflict management coaching from a certified mediator. 

(Individual coaching sessions are offered as a stand alone service and to clients receiving mediation services)


If you are unsure you want to separate from your spouse or are looking for a guide to assist in choosing the right separation process… 

You don’t have to go through this on your own. 

I will listen to you so we can better understand what possibilities lie ahead. 

As your coach, I will be there to offer care and advice, helping you to work through your concerns. 

I will work with you to ensure that you feel you have all that you need before taking the next steps toward the future of your choosing.

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Repair Coaching

Seemingly intractable conflicts can be reset and reconfigured with the input and guidance from a family mediator.

As long as all family members are open to discussing the possibility of reconciliation, this conversation is possible. This service is for you if:

You and your spouse do not want to separate and are actively looking for ways to stay together;  

Your family has experienced a protracted estrangement and wants to explore ways to end the separation 

Or you are a parent of a teenager who is experiencing the strains which come from their need for growth and independence, and your need to maintain safe limits.

Building individual strength in conversation with loved ones is essential in these discussions… I can show you how. 

With perseverance, people do come to terms with the past in the present, and begin to hear each other again.


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for Wellness

If you are interested in understanding and changing your habitual patterns of thought and communication, my wife Natalya, who is a professional writing and life coach, specializes in using reflective writing as a tool for personal transformation.

She can help you create a customized reflective writing practice so you can

  • gain insight into your life and the choices you’re facing
  • discover your strengths and values as well as your unhelpful beliefs
  • learn how to address any obstacle that separates you from the life you want to be living

You can download free resources, read more about her services, and check out her book 7 Minutes to Freedom: Simple Writing Meditations to Liberate Your Writing and Your Life here. The initial call is always free.

Richard is a calm and empathetic mediator. He is truly able to see many perspectives and bring multiple sides closer in an efficient and respectful way. Highly recommended!


Richard is a good listener. He’s also thoughtful, insightful, level-headed, warm, fair, and compassionate – all qualities useful in tending to people in times of difficulty. The bonus is his sense of humor. Richard can see the lighter side of most situations, even tough ones, and that’s a gift.


Richard Brydson’s mediation skills are second to none. His understanding and empathy were immensely reassuring. I highly recommend him.


Not sure where to turn?
Free consultations are available....

– I value honest and direct communication which takes effort and can be hard to make the first attempt. Find the clarity on whether mediation can help you move forward during our first conversation. 

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